Who We Are – A Passion For Animals

Owner, Tiffanie grew up in California’s Central Valley. At age 7, her family began raising puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. Always having a love for dogs, she began searching for her dream job. She spent time working as a Veterinary Technician and taking obedience classes. In 1995, Tiffanie accepted a position at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. in San Rafael. She was an instructor for 5 years, training many dogs and working with visually impaired students. In 2000, she began boarding dogs at her home. As business grew, she needed to find a larger facility. In February 2002, she purchased an older kennel on the west side of Petaluma. She is continually making improvements to the property. In September 2005, Tiffanie flew to Louisiana to help animals in the aftermath of Katrina. While there, she worked in the animal barns helping take care of 1,500 dogs. Tiffanie has many heartwarming and heartbreaking tales. She would love to share them with you. Please feel free to contact her at the kennel. Animals have always been Tiffanie’s passion. It shows in her facility and in the work she does for rescue. She has fostered over 100 dogs for Pug Rescue, Lab Rescue, as well as the many dogs she has rescued on her own. In 2013, Tiffanie was blessed with a beautiful son named Keegan. Keegan is a great “helper” around the kennel. He enjoys giving treats to the dogs and loves petting the friendly cats.

Why Dogs & Cats Love Our Boarding & Day Care

Your Pets Deserve A Vacation, Too!

K9 Country Club and Kitty Spa is a boarding and daycare facility in Petaluma, California. With our guests’ safety and comfort in mind, we are continually improving our program.

Our K9 guests spend the day playing with friends and being pampered by our great staff. When its time to turn in, a clean, comfortable suite awaits your  pup.

Each of our feline guests will enjoy their own Kitty Condo.  Throughout the day, each cat has plenty of time to explore and stretch their legs. Kitty cuddles are always included.

At K9CC, we feed our guests a healthy diet of premium dog and cat foods. If you prefer to bring food from home, please clearly mark your food container/baggies with your pet’s name and the amount of food to be given each day. We ask that you bring only enough food for your pet’s stay, since storage space is limited.

Whether entrusting us with your precious dog or cat, we are committed to getting to know your pet and provide them with kindness and caring. We believe that our guests deserve fun while they stay with us.

When it comes to boarding your pets, you have a choice. Call us today and see if K9 Country Club and Kitty Spa is the right choice for you!

Doggie Daycare – A better Alternative

Doggie daycare has become a valuable alternative for many responsible pet owners. We know your dog is a member of the family and you only want the best for them. But, as we pursue our busy lives, our furry family members can sometimes spend 8-10 hours a day home alone, waiting for someone to come home and give them the affection and exercise they crave. The lack of adequate stimulation from prolonged periods of alone time can lead to many common behavioral problems like barking, chewing, separation anxiety, or over excitement. With daily exercise and mental stimulation, your pet can maintain a healthy and confident state of being. Daycare at K9CC can provide your dog with fun-filled days of play and interaction with compatible playmates in one of our 14 play yards or our 1/2-acre, fully-enclosed field. They’ll return home tired, but happy!